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Minor Rear End Accident? Be Aware Of 5 Common Damages

A minor rear-end collision may not look like it caused any damage, but you should still take the car into the shop for an inspection. There are several types of collision damage that are common, even at low speeds. 1. Bumper Damage Most modern cars have a plastic bumper cover shielding the actual bumper. In a minor collision, the plastic cover may become scratched or cracked, which may necessitate a replacement. Read More 

Benefits Of Using Vehicle Wraps To Cover Your Company Vehicles And Promote Your Business

When you own a business with vehicles moving around the area, painting all of your vehicles to match and carry your logo is a good idea. Another option that may be less expensive and offers some flexibility is using commercial vehicle wraps to cover your company vehicles. The ability to update the wraps regularly can turn those vehicles into rolling billboards for your business.  Cost Savings One of the most significant reasons to consider using commercial vehicle wraps on your company vehicles is the cost. Read More 

5 Accidents An Auto Body Repair Shop Can Help You Fix

You love your car and do your best to take care of it. You keep it in tip-top shape, and it looks good as new, but accidents can happen to anyone (and any car). Here are a few reasons you might need to visit an auto body repair service:  1. Deer Dent  Any run-in with wildlife, particularly something as big as a deer, can leave your car with a dented front bumper, broken headlights, and a cracked windshield. Read More 

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