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3 Signs Of A Clogged Fuel Filter

Your fuel filter works to remove impurities and contaminants which may be in your vehicle's fuel before they have the chance to gum up and damage your engine. Having an improperly functioning fuel filter can have a significantly negative effect on the performance of your vehicle, and can cause other, more expensive malfunctions in your engine. This makes it extremely important to understand the early warning signs associated with a clogged fuel filter, so you are able to determine when you should talk to a mechanic about cleaning or replacing your current filter. Read More 

Auto Body Repair Classifications You Need To Know

Any vehicle that has sustained damage in an accident should be evaluated by a reputable collision repair shop to determine the type and extent of the damage. It's important that your auto body specialist uses a comprehensive checklist to assess the damage to your car. When it comes to auto body repair, there is a significant difference between thinking you know what the damage is and actually knowing for sure the amount of damage your vehicle has sustained. Read More 

Two Ways To Repair Paint Chips

No matter where you drive, how much you spent on your car, and how much time you spend on the road, your car is going to get a few cosmetic bumps and bruises. Small paint chips usually don't represent a serious problem at first. That is, a paint chip is often just an annoyance that might not even be visible. But even the small, barely noticeable paint chips can become rusted and corroded, and lead to the removal and flaking of your paint. Read More 

4 Ways To Ensure Your Car Stays In Good Condition

One of the top ways to ensure your vehicle will stand the test of time is taking care of it. This will require you to do the right things on a routine basis. Of course, many ways can help you avoid the need for either major or minor repairs. Being aware of top tips for caring for your car can be extremely helpful to you. 1. Change the oil Scheduling a routine visit to your auto repair shop when it's time to change the oil can be extremely helpful. Read More 

Some Misconceptions About Auto Body Repairs

The condition of your car's body can be important for both the safety of whoever is operating the vehicle along with the need to protect the value of the car. While having auto body damages repaired is a somewhat common task, there are many myths and other pieces of misinformation that are often shared about these repairs. Myth: Auto Body Repairs Always Require The Entire Car To Be Repainted One particularly common notion is that the entire car will have to be repainted following auto body repair work. Read More 

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When I was 16, I felt like I won the lottery when my dad bought me a car. Year after year I have looked after that car carefully by washing, waxing, and detailing the exterior. However, this past year I realized that the car was starting to show some signs of aging. Some of the paint was peeling, and I could tell that it needed to be completely repainted. I turned to a professional auto body shop to help me to add a brand new pop of color. When my car was finished, it looked like a brand new ride. Read this blog to learn how a little paint could help your car.

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