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Having Your Car Repainted

If you've been in a car accident, you may well need to have your car repainted. There are also other times when you may want to either cover up a worn finish or simply change the color for a fresh look. You need to consider several factors before you decide to take your car to the body shop for a paint job.


If you are paying for the paint job on your own, you can choose from inexpensive methods to top-of-the-line applications. A bargain job can be as little as $400 - $875, but research shows that approximately a third of customers are displeased with the result. A mid-level paint job will cost somewhere between $1000 - $3500 and will include more thorough prep work, such as sanding and dent removal. You can spend even more money if you want a "showroom" finish, but that can cost you nearly $5000.

If your paint job is covered by insurance, you are allowed an "economical repair." If one part of your car needs to be repainted, you may be able to have the entire car repainted if not doing so will result in a mismatched finish. Remember, you will be responsible for the deductible unless you were the injured party in an accident.

Resale Value

If you decide to repaint your car because you are planning to sell it, you need to consider what effect a paint job will have on the resale value. Experts recommend that you take into account the age and value of your vehicle. If your car is worth $1500, then spending $1500 on paint is not a good idea. You need to determine how much a paint job will increase the value of your car before you have the work done. In some instances, repainting your car will help you sell it for a better price. 

If you are planning to keep your late-model car for several years and simply want to have it painted for aesthetic reasons, go ahead and do so. You may not fully recoup your investment, but owning a car that doesn't embarrass you to drive is worth the expense. 

You need to take several factors into account before you decide to repaint your car. If your car has developed the look of a spotted cat, having it painted may give you enough satisfaction to warrant the expense. Also, you are more likely to drive it for several more years. Decide on the price range you can afford and pick your color. Your car will soon look fresh and sporty once again. Contact a business, such as Absolute Collision Center Inc collision repair for more information.   

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