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3 Things to Check to Make Sure Your Auto Glass Looks the Same

If your windshield was recently damaged so badly that it needs to be replaced, here are three things that you need to check to make sure that you end up with a windshield that looks like yours does right now.

#1 Request Original Manufacture Glass

If you want to ensure that your glass looks exactly the same as the one that you have right now, you are going to want to request that the auto glass company uses original manufacture glass instead of aftermarket glass. OEM glass will look just like the windshield that you have right now, right down to bearing the marking of the auto maker of your vehicle. OEM glass is often more expensive than aftermarket glass and may take a little longer for the auto glass company to locate; however, it will have the same look as your windshield does right now, which you will not get if you go with aftermarket glass.

#2 Match the Trim

Second, around the outside of your windshield is trim that holds your window in place. The type of trim around the windshield varies from one vehicle to another. For example, some windshields have a silver trim around them whereas other windshields have a black trim around them. Check the style and color of trim around your window, and make sure that the auto glass repair company can put the same trim around your new windshield. This will make your entire vehicle look cohesive and match, as the trim around your front windshield is often the same trim used around the other windows on your vehicle.

#3 Get Custom Tinting

If your windshield has a custom tint job on it, neither aftermarket nor OEM glass is going to look like your windshield does right now. If you have invested in custom tinting previously for your windshield, let the auto glass company know the type of tinting that you have on your windshield. If you can, find the original documentation that details the type of tint used on your window shield so that the auto glass company can match the tint to provide you with the same affect that you have right now.

Before you have a glass company replace your damaged windshield, make sure they can source OEM glass, match the trim and apply custom tint if applicable to your new windshield so that it looks the same as your windshield does right now. 

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