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Brief Overview of 4 Different Types of Brake Pads

If you need new brake pads on your vehicle, you are going to have to choose what type of brake pads you want installed on your vehicle. There are various materials that your brake pads can be made out of, so it is wise to make a conscious choice about the type of brake pads you have installed on your vehicle.  

#1 Ceramic Brakes

One of the most popular type of brake materials are ceramic brakes. Ceramic brakes are made out of ceramic fibers as well as other filler material. Ceramic brake pads are great because they do not typically wear down your rotors at the same pace as other brake pads, which extends the usable life of your brake pads and rotors at the same time. Ceramic brakes also provide a quieter braking experience.

Due to the long-lasting nature of ceramic brake pads, they tend to cost more than other brake pads.

#2 Low Metallic NAO

These types of brake pads contain small amounts of either steel or copper, mixed in with more organic materials. These type of brake pads do not get as hot as fast as other brake pads. Due to the lack of heat generated when braking, low-metallic NAO brake pads are supposed to provide a better braking experience. The downside to these brakes is that they can be really noise, due to the small presence of metal in the brake pads.

#3 Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

These types of brakes contain a high amount of metal. Metal often makes up more than half of the material in these types of brake pads. The most common types of metal found in these brake pads include copper, wire, steel wool and other metals.

Semi-metallic brake pads are really strong. However, the strength of these pads can cause the rotors to wear down at a faster rate than other types of rotors, resulting in the need to replace the rotors before the brake pads. If you live somewhere with really low temperatures during the year, these may not be the best brake pads as they don't function optimally in cold weather.

#4 Organic Brake Pads

Organic brake pads are also often call non-asbestos organic or NAO brake pads, since back in the day they were the one of the first brake pads to replace those that contained asbestos.

Organic brake pads are made out of carbon, glass, rubber and even Kevlar. They use inexpensive materials and are generally some of the most affordable brake pads on the market. They are quiet, don't create too much heat, great for normal driving conditions and wear down in pace with your rotors.

Be sure to talk to an auto shop like George's Eastside Shell about the type of brake pad that is used on your vehicle and make sure that it fits your diving needs and budget. 

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