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Frantic Over A Fender Bender? 3 Facts To Consider When Repairing Your Vehicle

Accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Some car accidents are severe, affecting your physical and emotional health and wellness. Other accidents may only be minor, causing slight damage to your vehicle, which can be burdensome. Known as fender benders, these accidents may be minor, but they will cause damage to your vehicle that can be costly to repair. Whether you plan to file an insurance claim or pay out of pocket, repairing the damage to your vehicle is important to protect its look and value. Before your vehicle enters the shop, use this guide to ensure you do not make any repair mistakes after a fender bender.

Find the Right Body Shop

If you are filing a claim with your or another driver's insurance policy, you may be required to use a certain body shop.

In these instances, visit the required auto body technician to receive a full evaluation and quote. Then, get a second opinion from another body repair technician. This second opinion can be provided to the insurance company if the recommendations and price do not match up. As a matter of fact, many experts recommend getting 3 to 4 estimates before committing to one body shop.

When searching for your own body shop, make sure to ask friends and family for recommendations. Then, read any reviews that may be found online.

If you drive a specific brand or type of vehicle, make sure the technicians have experience on these vehicles. For examples, if you drive a foreign or luxury vehicle, the shop should have experience and certifications to work on these types of vehicles.

Warranties are also important. Never use a mechanic or auto body tech that does not warranty their parts and labor.

Focus On Warning Lights

After a fender bender, your vehicle will most likely still function, so your main focus will be to repair cosmetic damage. However, after the accident, you may not realize there is underlying damage to your vehicle that can affect its operation.

Before you head to the body shop, check the dashboard to determine if there are any warning lights on. There may be warnings notifying you of an airbag malfunction. Also, if the check engine light is displayed, head to a mechanic right away.

If you notice one or more warning lights displayed on your dashboard, change your focus away from body repairs because you will most likely require mechanical repairs.

Say No to Aftermarket Parts

When you are receiving quotes from body shops to repair your vehicle after a fender bender, pay attention to the list of parts being used.

Ask the shop if they plan to use aftermarket parts on your vehicle during the repairs. These parts may be sufficient replacements, but they are often constructed out of inferior quality materials that are not meant to last long periods of time. They can also be dangerous, rattling and corroding over time, which affects the look, operation, and overall value of your vehicle.

Many technicians use aftermarket parts in an attempt to reduce costs. Unfortunately, this affordability is not intended for you. In most cases, aftermarket parts are used when the body shop or insurance company wants to reduce the cost of repairs.

Make sure you notify the body shop that you do not support the use of aftermarket parts. Only new and original parts or used parts if they are in good working condition should be acceptable.

A fender bender can be a frightening experience. Thankfully, it usually does not cause enormous damage to your vehicle. With the proper planning and the use of these tips, your body damage can be repaired in an effective, efficient, and affordable manner. Contact a company like Custom Kar Tops to learn more about auto body repair services.

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