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Two Ways To Repair Paint Chips

No matter where you drive, how much you spent on your car, and how much time you spend on the road, your car is going to get a few cosmetic bumps and bruises. Small paint chips usually don't represent a serious problem at first. That is, a paint chip is often just an annoyance that might not even be visible. But even the small, barely noticeable paint chips can become rusted and corroded, and lead to the removal and flaking of your paint. This article explains two different methods for repairing paint chips.

Using Paint, Clear Coat, or Both

There are two effective ways to seal your paint job and paint chips and protect your paint job. You can either just add a clear coat sealant on top of your paint which will prevent the chip from flaking or peeling away. But, this isn't necessarily a great solution if your paint it is so large that you can actually see a noticeable color change.

If this is the case, you will probably want to actually add touch up paint to the chipped area before you add the sealant. This is partly a matter of practicality and personal preference. For example, if you can just barely see the paint chip, it might be better to just apply the clear coat, instead of adding any actual touch up paint. For example, if you just have a small chip that is about the width of a fingernail, you'll probably end up painting larger swath over it. If this new paint doesn't match perfectly, you end up with a repair that is actually more noticeable than the original defect.

Using Touch Up Paint

So, the very first thing you should do, if you're considering using touch up paint, is to test it in a couple of discrete spots. You want to make absolutely sure that it matches as well as possible. Even if you buy touch up paint from your car dealership, and it is the same color, and made by your manufacture, you can never be 100% certain that the colors will match. Your car paint is bound to have changed and faded a bit over the years. Even if you have only owned your car for a few years, there is a chance that the colors will match. That location of touch up paint and clear coat sealant is identical. Both products are should be delicately spot painted on to the damaged area by hand.

Paint chip repair is all about saving your paint job and preventing corrosion in the future. For professional help, get in touch with a company like High Point Body & Paint.

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