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Why You Should Use A Sanding Tool Instead Of Sanding By Hand

If you are removing dents and dings from your car, you may grab a piece of sandpaper and get to work sanding your car. However, this is not very efficient, and you're much better off using a sander rather than sanding with your hands.

Sanding Tools Achieve Better Results

Not only is a sanding tool much more efficient, but you'll achieve results with a sanding tool that will actually look more natural. Sanding is an important part of fixing car dents because you must first fill the dent with filler and then sand it so that the filler looks smooth and blends in with the rest of your car. 

Repairing Dents Requires a Lot of Sanding

Regardless of which tool you use, you'll want to start with 150-grit sandpaper. Do not simply sand the filler, but make sure to sand past the edges so you may have a smooth transition.  Sand lightly, and make sure to sand with broad strokes.

When the filler looks almost completely smooth, you'll want to switch to 220-grit sandpaper. The filler must be completely even. There are many cases where grit is discovered to not be completely smooth but with a few pits. Check the filler more than once until you are certain you have made it completely even. 

Multiple Sanding Jobs are Required

The filler is not enough. You'll need to use spot putty, which will fill small impressions in the filler left behind. The spot putty can be smoothed with a plastic spreader. Allow it to dry before you begin sanding it.

This time, you'll want to use 400-grit sandpaper. After you have sanded it all away, you will be left with only tiny amounts of putty remaining in the gaps. 

You must then prime the surface with a primer/sealer. Begin by masking the area around where you have filled in the dents, and then put on a respirator. Always work in a ventilated area.

Make sure to apply the primer in light and even coats. Then, finish up with one last sanding with 400-grit sandpaper. Because of all of the sanding you must do, it's a great idea to use a sanding tool.

Bodywork Services Come with the RIght Tools

Some dents are easier to fix and others require special tools or may even require that the dented section of your car be replaced, in extreme cases. If you feel like you've run into some trouble trying to repair car dents, make sure to contact a car body repair service.

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