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2 Potential Future Problems Caused by a Bent Car Frame After a Collision

After being involved in a collision with another vehicle, you may have already looked your car over to discover only a few minor dents in the body. Because of the seemingly minimal damage, you may decide that you can continue to drive it without any issues.

However, even if the body appears to be in decent shape, there is always a possibility that the frame underneath was bent during the impact from the other vehicle. If so, there are a couple of potential future problems that may arise because of the damaged frame.

1.  Adversely Affects the Car's Maneuverability and Drivability 

One potential problem you may have when your car's frame is damaged during a collision is that it will most likely adversely affect the car's maneuverability and drivability. When the frame is straight and intact, the body is streamlined and the tires and axles are able to drive in a straight line.

However, when the frame is bent, the car may start to pull hard toward the right or the left. You may even hear a rubbing noise as the tires hit the wheel wells, or the axles may creak or pop loudly because they are moving while no longer in alignment.

While you may feel that you can compensate for the crooked angles while driving, the car could lurch or turn unexpectedly. It will also cause increased wear on the tires and joints, so it is better to go ahead and have the frame repaired instead of continuing to drive it.

2.  Greatly Impairs the Frame's Structural Integrity

Another issue that may arise in the future when you have a bent frame is that the frame's structural integrity has been greatly impaired. When the frame is undamaged, it plays a vital role in the absorption of any impact force, bearing the brunt of the force during a collision to reduce overall vehicle damage and possible injury.

However, if the frame is already bent, it will not be able to fully absorb any future impacts. There is a chance that the frame could break and crumble, causing extensive damage and possible serious injury.

When your car's frame is bent, it will not only affect your ability to maneuver while driving, but it could also result in increased damage and possible injury if you were to be involved in another accident. If you suspect that the frame was damaged, contact an auto body shop that offers collision repair services to have them inspect the frame fully so that any issues that they may find can be fixed.

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