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Automotive Collision Repair: What Goes Into Your Estimate

What you may see is a tiny scratch or dent in your car, but what your auto collision repair specialist may see is much more than that. An estimate for automotive collision repair usually involves many things, and the more you understand how quotes work, the more you can appreciate them.

Here are things that go into your estimate for getting your auto collision repair needs met.


The labor that goes into the repairs is determined by how many technicians are working on your car and how many hours they spend doing their jobs. The number of hours is multiplied by the hourly cost of the labor, which is why you may see several hours of labor for a single job on your vehicle's repair needs. Labor can be higher for more intricate auto repair jobs than for basic collision repair needs.


If you need replacement or upgraded parts on your automobile, you'll pay for the parts needed plus any inventory, stocking, shipping, and boxing costs. Your costs will be itemized in many cases on your estimate. Parts can be anything from a replacement light to a paintbrush used in custom painting your vehicle. Any part that is used exclusively on your auto collision repair and no other project may be included in your estimate.

Note: the estimate is not your final bill. It is a good-faith and educated guess as to what your automotive collision repair needs will be. If you need more repairs than anticipated or the cost of parts changes, your auto repair technician will let you know so you can adjust to your new estimate.


Storage fees may apply to your vehicle if you have to keep it in a lot for a long time while waiting for repairs. Some auto body shops only charge storage fees if a vehicle is stored after repairs are done.


If you want to have your automotive collision repair service expedited so you can get your vehicle back sooner, then you may be charged a rush service fee. If you also want your car worked on outside of normal business hours, such as on weekends, you may be charged service fees as well.

Custom work done on your vehicle can be charged as a separate fee or as part of your automotive collision repair. To save money, some clients choose to have custom upgrades made to their vehicles at the same time they have auto body repair needs met. Your estimate covers a lot of quality work so you can understand what your money is going into. For more information on auto collision repair, contact a professional near you.

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